Welcome to the inked forest where stories grow on trees //

I am really looking forward to share my love for books with you. I do not consider myself truly competent but I will try my best to sound as coherent as possible. I am prone to scream and shout expletives, especially if the book destroyed me emotionally. I shamelessly cry over fictional characters. I fashion intricate daydreams that revolve around my favourite stories. So I decided to find a home for all of my jumbled thoughts. And what better place to find than in this labyrinth of a platform that honest to God I have no idea how to use!

My name is Luana, currently residing in a small village in Malta. Sadly we do not have forests here, but the sea makes up for it. I lack the money to travel abroad but surprisingly this place has a lot of secret nooks and crannies to discover so I try to go on quests to find them…with a book in tow. I end up taking a multitude of pictures, where my books end up soiled and creased (for a good cause!). So obviously I intend to share them with you if they look remotely good.

I honestly have no idea what I will post as of yet but there will definitely be a lot of bookish ramblings and some random snippets of my life. Books have given me the chance to meet a lot of incredible people out there, essentially on Tumblr and Instagram, and I hope to have the same opportunity here. Because there’s nothing better than to meet someone who is willing to listen to your lengthy and tedious rants and still consider you a friend. 🙂

  Cheers for reading this.

Beaux Rêves.


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