things that make me happy


Sometimes life can get quite overwhelming and I end up rushing through the week feeling scattered and exhausted. It becomes so easy to take things for granted, giving the things that matter barely a second glance and focusing instead on the issues that are actually causing me more harm than good. So it’s nice to have a list of reference to turn to as a reminder of the simple things in life that bring me indescribable joy or just a smile on my face. And who doesn’t love making lists anyway?!

  • Books. The feel of the rough pages between your fingertips. The earthy scent of old books prickling your nose. Reading while listening to the musical sound of the rain outside. Books that sweep you away into a new adventure. Book shopping.
  • Harry Potter. Rereading the books. Watching the movies on a Saturday night. Discussing theories with my best friend.
  • Tea. Chilly fingers wrapped around a steaming mug. Gulping down a melted biscuit after dunking it in a cup of tea.
  • Forests. A canopy of leaves. An illustrious display of colours, from green to orange-brown. Hidden trails and new discoveries. The sound of crunching leaves underfoot.
  • Sunsets. The sky painted an array of pink, orange and yellow. The pale moon peeking out amongst the stars.
  • Summer. Beaches. Local feasts. Fireworks. Picnics.
  • Autumn. Warm comfy sweaters. Orange-red hues everywhere you look. Drinking hot cocoa with a book propped up on your knees. Cuddling in warm fuzzy blankets. Pumpkin spiced lattes. Fall-scented candles. Combat boots.
  • Beaches. The sound of the lapping waves. Gritty sand between your toes. A morning swim. Ice-cream cones.
  • Stationary. Cards, notebooks, planners, pens, pencils.
  • Family gatherings. Sharing inside jokes. Fighting over a game of Monopoly!
  • Friends. Mutual respect. The feeling that you belong. Making each other laugh. Hilarious video chats.
  • The book community. Meeting so many wonderful and talented people. You make my life a thousand times more beautiful and meaningful.
  • Weekends. Saturday night in watching a movie. Sunday lunch.
  • Airports. The sound of airplanes taking-off/landing. Watching people leave and trying to imagine where their flight will be taking them. The anticipation of adventure.


  • Music. Finding a new favourite song. Road trip playlists. Book playlists. Coldplay. Gregory Alan Isakov. Lord Huron. Hozier. Vampire Weekend. Florence + the Machine. The Travellers.
  • Memories. Looking at old photographs. Reading old diaries. Coming across a stash of long-forgotten letters.
  • Food. The smell of baking bread and ground coffee. The first bite into a piping hot cupcake. Licking the frosting off your fingers. Coffeeshops.
  • Sounds: crickets in the trees, rain pattering on the windowpanes, trees swaying in the wind, birds chirping, a distant thunderstorm, the sound of cake batter being mixed with a wooden spoon, wind chimes, horse’ footsteps on cobblestones. The sound of silence.
  • Photography. Capturing a perfect moment. Discovering new places. When your pictures turn out the way you wanted them to.
  • Shopping. Browsing online bookstores. Christmas shopping with my sister. When your order finally arrives in the mail.
  • Vacations. Not having to wake up early for work. Traveling to new places. Discovering yourself. Making new memories.
  • Animals. Memories of my dog: You are gone but you will always be in my heart.

What makes you happy? ❤


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