London – Day 2

Monday, March 12th

Mondays are notoriously awful but this one was definitely an exception! I woke up early after only 4 hours of sleep and this could only be blamed on my uncontrolled excitement for the upcoming day! I am definitely not a morning person, but when I’m on holiday I always try to wake up as early as possible to enjoy every minute of the trip. I have fond memories of quite mornings enjoying the view outside the hotel, drinking peppermint tea and reading in bed. It was definitely the best way to start the day.


We decided to start our day roaming around Covent Garden. This area is one of my favourite places in London. I love the gorgeous architecture, the stores, and of course the infamous market. We arrived at about 8 a.m and the shops weren’t open yet, which gave us the opportunity to see the place without having to jostle our way through crowds of people.


We decided not to have breakfast at the hotel but to take the opportunity to discover new places, and I’m so thankful that we did. We managed to find this wonderful Scandinavian-inspired, open-fronted café, with weather-beaten wooden benches and stools and a cosy interior, that serves the best porridge I’ve ever tasted! 26 Grains is located on Neal’s yard in Covent Garden, surrounded by gorgeous buildings and globe string lights. You should definitely check it out and try the Hazelnut & Butter porridge, with almond milk oats and shaved apple. It tasted divine!


After breakfast, we spent the morning roaming the streets and shopping. If you’re a tea-lover, then Whittard is definitely the place for you. The store is filled floor-to-ceiling with the best varieties of tea, coffee and cocoa imaginable. It is a joy to your senses to walk around the shop and bask in the smell of coffee beans and mint tea. The interior design is on point, with white-painted brick walls, shelves full of Alice in Wonderland items and teapot light fittings. In the end I ended up buying individually wrapped peppermint teabags, English Breakfast loose leaf tea and white hot chocolate. I haven’t tried any of them yet because I don’t want to ruin the lovely packaging…which is kind of stupid I know!


Here are some more pictures from our walk around Covent Garden:


For lunch we bought a go-to salad from Marks & Spencer and hurriedly made our way to Victoria Coach Station. We had tickets booked for an afternoon tour at the Warner Bros. Studios- The Making of Harry Potter in Watford and a coach was waiting for us at the station. I was on edge for the whole hour of the trip, buzzing with excitement and anticipation because finally one of my dreams was coming true! I have been looking forward to visit the Leavesden studios for years and I practically cried when I stepped off the couch and glimpsed the poster on the facade! I have so many pictures that I want to share with you all so I’m going to make a separate post dedicated just for this tour. After the 3-hour tour, we met up with my aunt and uncle who live in Watford not far from the studios, and had dinner with the whole family. It was nice to meet my cousins after so long and to enjoy a few hours with them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I’m really looking forward to share the rest of the trip with you!


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