A slice of literary goodness

If there’s one thing that I love almost as much as books is a huge slice of cake! I could forever boast about my self-control when offered a bite of double chocolate cake…but alas, that is not the case. So I thought, if I cannot restrain my sweet-tooth self, might as well indulge my fancies and write a post about books and cake…while eating a slice myself!

Imagine you’re in a coffeeshop, eagerly gazing upon the freshly baked muffins, cakes and pies on the counter.  Which slice is going to accompany your cup of tea? Maybe a scrumptious carrot cake or that lovely red velvet at the back. Or what about that chocolate gâteau? You can never go wrong with chocolate. It’s a difficult choice, I know! But whatever you choose, today’s menu offers a free book recommendation with your perfect slice.

[Post inspired by Seasonal Drinks + YA Parallels]


Carrot Cake // I call this the ‘deceptive cake’. You except something somewhat on the healthier side and instead you get a huge slab of orange goodness covered with thick layers of cream cheese frosting (not that I’m complaining!) My deceptive book of choice is Before the Feast by Saša Stanišić. You will except a quick read. It is not. You will expect a story that makes sense. Definitely not. I would endeavour to describe this book as a collection of nonsensical chaos that is both infuriating and endearing. You would except not to love it. But who would expect carrots to be so tasty as a dessert?!



Pound Cake // One of those basic recipes that still manages to make your kitchen smell heavenly. It may be a simple cake but it always leaves you wanting more, just like Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. The writing is simple yet thought-provoking and captivating. It is direct and to the point, without unnecessary embellishments, because this book doesn’t need it. The characters alone add so much richness to the story that nothing else really matters.




Dark Chocolate Cake // Elegant, dark and bitter, just like The Secret History by Donna Tartt. Appallingly sharp but seductive. Not many people love this dessert, but the ones who do will devour it in seconds. It tastes of harsh truths, obsession, mysteries and tragic endings. “Beauty is terror”.





Caramel Apple Cake // The name alone instantly brings to mind The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Just a single bite will instantly transport you into the meandering paths of the circus, the scent of caramel apples and caramel covered popcorn tantalising your tastebuds. Every black and white tent holds an extraordinary experience that will leave your senses wanting more, just like this cake. Because once you have a taste of Fall and magic, you will always come back for more.




Chocolate Marble Cake // Nostalgia. Reminiscent of birthday cakes, school parties and weekend sleepovers. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl was my favourite childhood book and will forever taste of sweet memories and innocence. Eat your cake slowly and carefully because if you’re lucky, you might find a golden ticket in your slice!




Classic Victoria Sponge Cake // The quintessential English tea-time treat. Queen Victoria was know to enjoy a slice of this cake with her afternoon tea. So naturally I cannot fail from mentioning The Goddess and the Thief by Essie Fox, in which the Queen herself makes an appearance. This is an intricate Victorian novel full of intrigue, obsession and superstition. A perfect blend of fact and fiction.




Lemon Cake // Sharp and bitter with a touch of sweetness, just like All the light We Cannot See. This book brings to light the harsh and bitter realities of WWII, illuminating the impact of war on people, specifically a young boy and girl. And yet there is still some sweetness suffused with this harsh reality. Truly a story to savour.





Red Velvet Cake // This vibrant and bold cake reminds me of Nina Zenik in Six of Crows. Bold, loud, hilarious and beautiful, Nina is one of those strong female characters that will definitely leave an impression on you. Also, Nina would highly approve of cake and waffles for breakfast. Just saying.


 Happy eating/reading! 

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