Whispers in a coffeeshop • Playlist

I have compiled yet another playlist, this time with a more soothing undertone. These songs bring to mind a cold winter day spent in my favourite coffeeshop, drinking coffee, writing in my journal and reading a book. It’s the kind of music that puts your mind at rest while studying and getting things done. I do hope you enjoy it! If you want to check out more of my playlists, here is the link to my Spotify page: Apareciuml ❤

Doppelgänger- Lissom

Supersymmetry- Arcade Fire

Fourteen Drawings- Helios 

Abandon Window- Jon Hopkins 

Jupiter- Sleeping At Last 

Chemicals- Gregory Alan Isakov

Aura- Illuminine

Nothing It Can- Helios

I can almost see you- Hammock

Stay in the dark- Lambert

Way out there- Lord Huron 

Tracking aeroplanes- The Echelon Effect 

We move lightly- Dustin O’Halloran 

 Go Solo- Tom Rosenthal

This isn’t you- Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein



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