Where has this month gone?! My mind still cannot process that we’re already a month into the new year…in fact I’m still scratching out that number seven on my notebooks! It hasn’t been such a great month health-wise, but one thing I promised myself to do this year is to focus on the things that always make me smile and help me keep a positive outlook towards life. So I am very excited to share with you my very first favourites blog post of 2018, which will include some of the things I’ve been enjoying lately, from a simple song to a quaint coffeeshop.



I read a total of 7 books this month and I enjoyed mostly all of them. In fact two of them have made it onto my all-time favourite list:

Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me– Lily Collins || 2 ☆

City of Thieves– David Benioff || 5 ☆

The Raven Boys– Maggie Stiefvater || 5 ☆

Shadow and Bone– Leigh Bardugo || 4 ☆

Memoirs of Geisha– Arthur Golden || 2 ☆

Siege and Storm– Leigh Bardugo || 4 ☆

Matilda– Roald Dahl || 4.5 ☆

I was really looking forward to read Lily Collins’ essay collection since she is one of my favorite female actors. However I was sorely disappointed in so many ways but mostly in the way that it was written. It felt quite childish, filled with meaningless and fluffy sentiments without any substance and while she did tackle various issues, she didn’t delve deep into the subject. Having said that, I found her chapters dealing with anorexia and bulimia quite insightful and I found that I could relate with her experiences. I appreciate the way she focused on eating disorder as something that can never be cured but is an ongoing process towards recovery. It will always be there waiting to come out again but she reminds the readers that they are strong and admitting you need help is never a sign of weakness. The rest of the book though just kept on repeating the same cliched advice and I wish she could have branched out in terms of subject matter and delved deeper into her experiences.

Memoirs of Geisha was quite an interesting read but it was only after finishing it that I learnt about the author’s misdeeds. According to Mineko Iwasaki, this book is riddled with errors and is quite offensive in it’s descriptions of a Geisha going through mizuage. Mrs Iwasaki gave an extensive interview to the author while he carrying out research for the book but after reading his work she brought legal action against him, with allegations of confidentiality breech and a damaged to her reputation. For this reason, I had to ditch my original 4 stars.

Weirdly enough, when it comes for me to talk about the books that I love, my mind goes blank. Maybe because there are no words that can describe all the feelings that such books can conjure, and City of Thieves is definitely one of them. The story is equal parts poetic, hilarious and devastating. I was rendered speechless with the way Benioff transitions from humour to tragedy in a single sentence and manages to show the true horrors of war while still holding on to the goodness of humanity. It is definitely one of those books that I’ll reread a thousand times! The same goes to The Raven Boys. To put it simply, this series has: an amazing cast of characters, a sassy female protagonist, a deadly kiss, GANSEY, a house full of psychic women, a dead Welsh Kings, Ley Lines, Ghosts, a mysterious Latin teacher, talking trees, a peculiar forest and unique writing style. I LOVED this book so much and I cannot wait to continue on with the series!

The first two books in The Grisha trilogy and Matilda were all rereads and I enjoyed them even more the second time round. One of the reasons why I decided to reread Leigh Bardugo’s series is so I could mentally and emotionally prepare myself for her Nikolai Lantsov duology, which is expected to be published next year. The wait is going to be absolute torture and the only way to make it bearable is to reread the hell out of her books!




Don’t you just love that feeling when you discover a new favourite song and you know it’s going to be played on repeat until your ears start to bleed?! It’s been a month filled with music that gave me chills and made me feel like I could conquer the world. Here are some of my favourites:

> The Greatest Showman soundtrack 

> Too Much Is Never Enough – Florence + The Machine

> Frozen Pines – Lord Huron

> Winter Winds – Mumford & Sons

> Don’t You Cry For Me – Cobi

> Wildfire – Seafret

> Skeletons – Of Monsters and Men

> Thunder – Imagine Dragons

If you want to check out my Spotify playlists, here is the link 🙂 x



Talbot and Bons is my favourite spot to unwind and enjoy the best cup of hazelnut cappuccino I’ve ever tasted. Also, it’s interior design is on point! The place is a short walk away from the airport and my boyfriend and I often go to the Observation Deck after having lunch. It has a wonderful view of the runway where you could watch exciting take-offs and touchdowns…and this is honestly one of my favourite ways to spend my weekend!



A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand, more specifically the All Butter Pistachio & Almonds cookies from Marks and Spencer. I would eat a whole packet in a heartbeat if I could! And if cookies are not enough, I encourage you to try the classic scones with jam and clotted cream. I use the BBC Good Food recipe because they have the best texture and flavour plus they are extremely easy to make. I do sound like I’ve been having a month-long sugar rush, which is far from the truth. But I do indulge myself over the weekend because everyone needs a treat sometimes!


Random Items

Paperchase 2018 Diary:


>Starbucks Mug: My tea tastes better in it 😉


What was your favourite thing about this month? ❤


A Chill in the Air

A Chill in the Air
“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” 
― L.M. MontgomeryAnne of Green Gables

October is without doubt the best month of the year. It is the epitome of the Fall season, from the weather, the food, clothes, music…you name it. Unfortunately it’s going by way too fast, and I wish I could somehow stop time or make this season last a year long.  I am writing this to the sound of thunder clapping, and the cacophony of crashing raindrops on the windowpanes. Each flash of lightning is a constant reminder that thunderstorms can be terrifying but also beautiful, which prompts me to consider all the reasons why Autumn is my favourite season, despite the aura of melancholy it seems to exude.


I consider Fall to be a battle of two seasons, where winter eventually wins over summer, and this battle manifests itself even more clearly in the severe thunderstorms that often hit our island, resulting in major floods and chaos on the roads. They can be quite terrifying and catastrophic but somehow, there’s something about the sound of thunder crashing and booming that fills me with inexplicable joy, and despite my fear, I always look forward to it (except when I’m on my way to work!).

Sweater Weather

As the days slowly wane and the long nights approach, a chill creeps into the air. It’s the perfect kind of cold, not the bite of wintry bluster but that tender chill in the air. This change in weather is all that I need to start wearing cosy oversized sweaters and hoodies and it also compels me to start browsing stores for warmer clothes, so much so that by the time Winter eventually arrives, I am often broke…even more so than usual! Sometimes I wonder if my wardrobe has some sort of Undetectable Extension Charm, because if it doesn’t, I have no explanation for the huge number of winter clothes jammed inside.

Cold mornings, warm beds

I live for those moments when I wake up unexpectedly early, roused by the sound of clapping thunder, and realising that I still have hours until I have to get up for work. So I snuggle back between the warm covers and go back to sleep to the sound of the rain and the whistling wind outside. And if it’s the weekend, no one and nothing can make me get out of the warm bed…except for the postman when he arrives with my book mail!

Falling leaves

The first plunge of the rust coloured leaves initiates the first notes of the Autumnal overture. I revel in the sight of the trees skirted by pools of orange coloured foliage, and the tumbling leaves from the almost bare branches dancing in twists and turns as they fall to the ground. There is a carpet of gold and crimson adorning the concrete sidewalks, almost as if nature itself wants to give us the opportunity to walk on a red carpet at least once in our lifetime. And as I step over this lush blanket in my tatty old boots, I hum along to the crunch and crackle of the leaves underfoot, a sound so beautiful and satisfying!

The pumpkin King

…because obviously there would be no Halloween without our dear Jack Skellington! My obsession with The Nightmare Before Christmas started from back when I was still in primary school, having watched it on TV expecting a charming Christmas movie! Needless to say, my mother was appalled! For the life of her she could never understand how a skeleton could ever be considered ‘cute’. I love this movie because it brings so many wonderful childhood memories plus the songs are honestly addicting!

Scary movies that involve hideous dolls, clowns, serial killers or exorcisms are not my favourite and I avoid them like the plague. I learnt from experience never to overestimate my ability to cope with the nightmares that ensue. So during Halloween I mostly watch Tim Burton’s movies like Dark Shadows, Corpse Bride and TNBC.

Pumpkin Spice Candles

Autumnal-themed scented candles will always be my favourite and I certainly cannot fail from mentioning the most exquisite Pumpkin Spice Candle by P.F. Candle Co. It encompasses various scents to make this fall classic: pumpkins, toasted cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and creamy butter. The moment the wick starts to burn, your imagination will run wild with scenes of endless pumpkin fields, crunchy cinnamon toast and and earthy breeze on your face.

I also bought two themed candled from The Melting Library, one of which is also Fall-themed: Flannel and Fiction- Autumn Reading Inspired Candle and The Restricted Section- Harry Potter inspired Candle. I cannot wait for them to arrive!


It is now becoming a yearly tradition to compile a Fall playlist and listen to it on repeat throughout the months that follow. These songs accompany me on hunts for the perfect pumpkin, during walks amongst orange-clad trees and trips to the coffeeshops.  Melancholic songs, acoustic, indie and folk music are my go-to choice for this season. Firewood Smoke is my recent Autumn playlist which you can listen to on Spotify (link down below). I truly hope you enjoy it!

  1. Ballad of Dwight Fry- Alice Cooper
  2. The Night We Met- Lord Huron
  3. Beekeeper- Keaton Henson
  4. Promise- Ben Howard
  5. El Buho- Blanco White
  6. Shield Your Eyes- Dry The River
  7. Have We Met Before- Tom Rosenthal
  8. Teenage Daughter- D.I.D
  9. The Words You Say- Harrison Storm
  10. I Found- Amber Run
  11. Land of the Living- Roo Panes
  12. Harvest- Dustin Tebbutt
  13. Dandelion Wine- Gregory Alan Isakov
  14. Saturn- Sleeping At Last 

Coffeeshops and Bookstores

As the weather turns brisk and cold, warm drinks once again become tremendously appealing. While I normally drink tea all year round, I obviously enjoy it much more when it’s not sweltering hot. My few favourite hot brews include English breakfast tea, Peppermint tea, Hazelnut cappuccino and hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows. Autumn weekends usually involve roaming around, discovering new coffee shops and retreating into their cosy interiors from the cold outside. I also love browsing bookstores during rainy days; being surrounded with overflowing bookshelves warms my heart better than any hot drink.

Home-cooked meals & Baking

When the air becomes cooler with a tincture of earthiness, it instantly brings to mind the warm dinner waiting for me when I get home. Basically all the food mentioned in the Harry Potter books are my favourite cold-weather treats: casseroles, pumpkin soup, apple pies, Yorkshire pudding, boiled potatoes, homemade fudge and banana bread hot from the oven. I also enjoy baking, especially when I get home from work as a way for me to unwind. I love the feel of the dough as I slowly give it shape, the scooping of chocolate mixture into colourful muffin containers and the smell that permeates throughout the house while you watch the cake mixture rise in the oven.

Fantasy Books

 For some reason, my love for fantasy books during the Autumn season increases tenfold, as one can see from my previous TBR post. Maybe the changing colours of nature and the long cold nights allow my imagination to run wild with possibilities of other fantastical worlds that had previously been out of my reach. The book that I will forever recommend as the perfect Fall read is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I’m almost certain that this book is an actual embodiment of Fall and once you start reading it, you will surely start craving apple cider, cinnamon rolls and caramel covered popcorn.

What’s your favourite thing about Fall? I hope you have a wonderful end to October and a Happy Halloween! x


II. Favourite Book Quotes

II. Favourite Book Quotes

“I apologize for anything I might have done. I was not myself.”

“I apologize for shooting you in the leg. I was myself entirely.”

-VE Schwab || A Darker Shade of Magic 

“A lifetime isn’t enough to know how a person will behave.”

-Jessie Burton || The Miniaturist

“Someone needs to tell those tales. When the battles are fought and won and lost, when the pirates find their treasures and the dragons eat their foes for breakfast with a nice cup of Lapsang souchong, someone needs to tell their bits of overlapping narrative. There’s magic in that. It’s in the listener, and for each and every ear it will be different, and it will affect them in ways they can never predict. From the mundane to the profound. You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone’s soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows what they might do because of it, because of your words. That is your role, your gift. Your sister may be able to see the future, but you yourself can shape it, boy. Do not forget that… there are many kinds of magic, after all.”

-Erin Morgenstern || The Night Circus 

“I got to thinking that poems were like people. Some people you got right off the bat. Some people you just didn’t get-and never would get.”

-Benjamin Alire Sáenz || Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe

“If you take a book with you on a journey,” Mo had said when he put the first one in her box, “an odd thing happens: The book begins collecting your memories. And forever after you have only to open that book to be back where you first read it. It will all come into your mind with the very first words: the sights you saw in that place, what it smelled like, the ice cream you ate while you were reading it… yes, books are like flypaper—memories cling to the printed page better than anything else.”

-Cornelia Funke || Inkheart 

“The first of many autumn rains smelled smoky, like a doused campsite fire, as if the ground itself had been aflame during those hot summer months. It smelled like burnt piles of collected leaves, the cough of a newly revived chimney, roasted chestnuts, the scent of a man’s hands after hours spent in a wood shop.”

-Leslye Walton || The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender 

“Time passes. That’s the rule. No matter what happens, no matter how much it might feel like everything in your life has been frozen around one particular moment, time marches on.”

-Cynthia Hand || The Last Time We Say Goodbye 



‘Where words fail, music speaks’. – Hans Christian Anderson

What word would best describe my music taste? If I wanted to be brief I would probably say eclectic, but it is usually a mix of indie, alternative and rock. Sometimes I can also be in the mood for classical and movie soundtracks. Basically if a song from the most obscure genre allows me to escape reality through its haunting lyrics and melody, then it would definitely become one of my favourites and played on repeat until every cell in my body is drunk with it.

Walking down the woods of musical notes∼

Music adds a touch of colour to every grey scale moment of my life. So today I wanted to share with you some of my most favourite artists that I listen to on a daily basis. Lately I have gone into the habit of listening to music while reading as well, because having music in the background creates such a wonderful atmosphere to the story and this also helps me when making a playlist for the book later on.

I’m always saving songs in one random playlist and later on use them to create other specific playlists, mainly for books and road trips. Here I have included three favourite songs from each artist for you to check out. I hope you get to meet your favourite song in this list. May it bring you joy to your darkest days, and make you do a spontaneous dance while wandering the aisles of your favourite bookstore! Also feel free to share any of your favourite artist/song in the comments  🙂

Now all you have to do is close your eyes, crank up the volume and set your mind free…


Coldplay – 

Up & Up // The Scientist // Talk

Florence and The Machine

Only If For a Night // Shake it Out // Dog Days Are Over

Keaton Henson

Beekeeper // Small Hands // Flesh and Bone

Gregory Alan Isakov

Big Black Car // If I Go, I’m Goin // Amsterdam

Of Monsters and Men

Little Talks // King and Lionheart // Wolves Without Teeth

Tom Rosenthal

As Luck Would Have It // Take Your Guess // Soon Soon 

Vampire Weekend 

Step // Unbelievers // A-Punk

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – 

Home // Desert Song // Kisses Over Babylon

Wild Nothing

Chinatown // Shadow // Reichpop

Twenty One Pilots

Stressed Out // Heathens // Ride

The Naked and Famous

Young Blood // Punching in a Dream // Bells

The Lumineers

Ophelia // Stubborn Love // Ho Hey


These Streets // Bad Blood // Blame


Wonderwall // The Importance of Being Idle // Don’t Look Back in Anger


I am Chemistry // 2080 // Henrietta

Lana Del Rey

Born to Die // Young and Beautiful // Blue Jeans


I Am // Woman Woman // Kill Your Heroes

First Aid Kit

My Silver Lining // Emmylou // Wolf


All the Little Lights // I’ll Be Your Man // The Wrong Direction


Midnight City // Wait // Too Late

The Paper Kites

Bloom // Woke Up From a Dream // Paint

The Battle of Land and Sea

Six Days // The Beautiful One // Saltwater Queen


The Child In Us // Why // Return To Innocence